RulesEngine Platform

RulesEngine platform is an unique platform which separates the Business conditions from Business use cases and RulesEngine platform will be used for future addons. Customer can buy the RulesEngine Platform once and in future releases they need to buy only AddOns such as Page Rule, Post Rule, Widget Rule, Theme Rule and Redirect Rules. Customers can save a lot and can do more using RulesEngine Platform.

For example if your Business use case is to show “New Year 2016″ Category only on first week on  New Year.  Your business condition will be date  greater than 2015-31-12 && date  less than 2016-08-01 and business component is Category.

Click here to know more about Logical Rules which is the heart of the RulesEngine Platform.

To understand more about RulesEngine Platform, please watch below video. This video also covers the how the RulesEngine Platform is used for multiple plugins.

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