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Below use-case is a demonstration of showing important WooCommerce categories for logged in Users.

Logical Rule:
First we should define a Logical Rules. To define a Logical Rules, click on the Logical Rules submenu or click on Logical Rules thumbnail on Dashboard. Below Logical Rules list page will displayed.

Click here to know more about Logical Rules.

To create Logical Rule, click on the “+ Logical Rule” button.


Define Logical rule with User Profile as UnRegistered User.


Category Rule:
Once done with Logical Rule, then define a Category Rule. To define a category Rule, click on the Category Rule submenu or click on Category Rules thumbnail on Dashboard. Below Category Rules list page will displayed.

To define a new category rule click on “+Category Rule” button.


 Defining category rule to hide WooCommerce Mobile categories.

Select the appropriate categories which you want to hide for guest user and select the rule as “Guest User” which we defined in the Logical Rule.

Defining the complex Rule:

Using RulesEngine Platform we can define very complex rules. Below is an example of a complex rule, this rule is defined for users who are not logged In and  from US, accessing website in this current year. This rule can be used for Promoting products in the current year.

Click here for Category Rule Demo

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