Install and Upgrade


RulesEngine plugin is delivered as and RuleEngines plugin is installed similar to any other wordpress plugin.

Admin Dashboard :

    • Login as wordpress administrator, goto Plugins link on the left side.
    • Click on Plugins and then Click on Add New.
    • Click on Upload Plugin button on top right corner.
    • Click on Browse button and select and click on Install Now button.
    • Once the installation is successful click on Active link for activating plugin.

See below screenshot after installation successful installation.

See below RuleEngine menus with different types of rules.

Goto to Settings submenu under RulesEngine, where the current version of the plugin will be shown.settings


Before upgrade go to to “Settings” sub-menu under RulesEngine, Uncheck checkbox and click on “Save Settings” button.  This step is very important, if the checkbox is checked RuleEngine data will be removed permanently,  make sure the checkbox is unchecked before upgrade.

Go to to Plugins link on the left navigation and Click on Deactivate link in RulesEngine. Once the plug-in is deactive click on Delete link. Once the plug-in is deleted. Download the latest version of RulesEngine and install the plugin. Follow the installation steps.

Since we have unchecked the checkbox in Settings Menu, the RulesEngine data will not be deleted.

Once latest plug-in is installed and activated, Go to Settings and check the version of the Plugin. Plugin version should be updated the latest version.